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Mc Clatchy special correspondent Angeles Mase on Wednesday visited the 14-story apartment building in Buenos Aires where the woman lives, according to the e-mails, which included her address.

A woman at the address answered to the name in the e-mails and, at first, agreed to speak to a visitor, but she declined after the visitor identified herself as a reporter.

(though our visit in some ways for me was as well less of a holiday than it was uncovering and realization of some things and feelings that again are worth longer conversation) Had also hoped to find the cd of a song that played as I was flying home and also20made (sic) me think of you. so all you may be stuck with is a long released movie — and if you put it by your bed I really be worried! ---------------------------------------------- From: Maria Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 PM To: Mark Sanford Subject: RE: My love, I decided to rent a car and went by myself to the other side of the Island where it is located one of the best hotels.

Life has been very generous with me and I want to return at least a little bit of what I have been given. Got back an hour ago to civilization and am now in Columbia after what was for me a glorious break from reality down at the farm.

However, Sanford’s office Wednesday did not dispute their authenticity.

The State has removed the woman’s full name and other personal details, including her street address, e-mail address and children’s names.

Shown a photograph of Sanford, the doorman at the building said he did not recognize him.

According to the doorman, the woman has two sons, one a teenager of driving age and the other younger. You are glorious and I hope you really understand that.

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