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They were laughing and licking, and tickling and just having fun, each slick with our cum and their juices.

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Aha, she didn't answer right away, she's thinking about it. " "Sure, that's easy." "And, I get oral, lots of oral? The only thing lacking was a person to actually move the camera and get closeups and change the view as we went on. So, I set it up, got my robe on and we cuddled together for the premier of "Derek and Jill, Volume 1." As we began to watch, Jill's hand soon slipped in my robe and took hold of a prominent member of the cast of the film we were watching.

"Look, we can just try it and if you still object, then I'll erase the video. We did most of the things we normally did, I gave Jill oral, she sucked me in her very nice way, started with missionary-style, reversed to girl-riding cowboy frontwards, then backwards, ending with doggie-style.

And I promise to do your most favorite thing all you want for as long as you want." I knew that if anything would do it, that had the best chance. I never mentioned it to her that I had a camera running and then made a good edit and planned a premier showing the next weekend. " "Well, just get naked, slip on the robe and we'll watch the video I made of us having sex." "You did it? I never saw you doing it." "That's the way you wanted it, right? Okay, let's see this masterpiece." I already knew it was really good.

So, the next Saturday, we reconvened at our place, all changed into robes and fired up the original tape.

Our robes didn't stay closed or even on for very long as each couple ended up fucking like horny teenagers.

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