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The master deed is a direct result of the Condominium Act of New Jersey—a state law adopted in 1970 that established the format for creating a condo. It defines terms, specifies the contents of a master deed, and enumerates the powers and duties of the association." "It says you have to file a master deed, which must contain the name of the condo, description of the units and of the common elements, percentage of interest in the common elements, and basic requirements for establishing a condo," states Wendell Smith, a partner of Greenbaum Rowe Smith Ravin Davis & Himmel LLP, a law firm in Woodbridge.

"It must be executed and recorded by the owner of the property, because that's where you're changing from a conventional form of ownership to a condo form of ownership and dividing the property into units and common elements." Mary Ann Hallenborg, a counsel for Heine Associates P.

Eligible employees must use compensatory time or paid leave if available, or take leave without pay.

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They are responsible for the maintenance, management and insurance on the common elements.

New Electronic Freeze Form (Norman Programs) As of July 1, Norman departments can use the electronic freeze form to submit a hiring freeze exemption form.

Paper forms will be accepted until January 2018, but the electronic version is the preferred form.

They are subject to verification of any unique or extraordinary expenses." "Extraordinary" expenses usually include capital improvements; rare is the board that has the right to just install a new swimming pool or a new clubhouse without a great deal of involvement and the full cooperation of the rest of the association.

"They can repair the old one," Smith explains, "but if they want to put in a new indoor pool, that's a capital improvement, and they'd have to get the approval of the unit owners.

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