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PC and Linux workstation users configure their e-mail software to make the mail server their outbound SMTP mail server.If the mail is destined for a local user in the domain, then sendmail places the message in that person's mailbox so that they can retrieve it using one of the methods above.Once you finish editing the file, you can then execute the make command while in the /etc/mail directory to regenerate the new file.The make command actually generates the file using the m4 command.Linux workstation users can use the same programs to access their mail remotely.The process is different when sending mail via the mail server.The m4 usage is simple, you just specify the name of the macro file as the argument, in this case, and redirect the output, which would normally go to the screen, to the file with the " I'll discuss many of the features of the file later in the chapter.

Whenever there is a difference in the required commands for Debian / Ubuntu variations of Linux it will be noted.

One of the main advantages of mail relaying is that when a PC user A sends mail to user B on the Internet, the PC of user A can delegate the SMTP processing to the mail server.

Note: If mail relaying is not configured properly, then your mail server could be commandeered to relay spam. When mail passes through a sendmail server the mail routing information in its header is analyzed, and sometimes modified, according to the desires of the systems administrator.

Using a series of highly complicated regular expressions listed in the /etc/mail/file, sendmail inspects this header and then acts accordingly.

In recognition of the complexity of the /etc/mail/file, a much simpler file named /etc/was created, and it contains more understandable instructions for systems administrators to use.

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