Lonly dating

I had started dating my husband when were back in college. He claimed it was a mistake on his part and he swore he only fucked her one time. I was really mad and angry at first and I wouldn’t...

I had just received a phone call from a guy who works with my husband. He had tried hitting on me several different occasions at my husband work functions. He worked out several times a week at the gym and thought his body was so spectacular. I can still remember the empty echo of my stiletto heels, clicking against the marble floors as I rushed out of the Hazelton Hotel. I didn’t dare look at the impeccably groomed doorman as he nodded to me while I hurried past him.

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Sure enough I found a guy who wanted to discuss politics with me. Read On Added: | Category: Reluctance | Avg Score: 4.76 | Words: 2,463 | Tags: reluctance masturbation hard sex group sex | 24 Comments My wife and I get pulled over by a cop. Driving home , the highway was deserted, my hand was playing with my wife's pussy, and not paying attention to speed, soon we saw the flashing red lights behind us.

I pulled over as the young officer approached our car.

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