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When we can both assign a date to rock art and identify the present-day descendants of those who made it, we know where their ancestors were at some time in the past.

Then we may have something like the oldest histories in the world.

“We’re really happy to suggest we do have evidence that the art is of ice age – it is 16,000 [years old],” says Macquarie University geochronologist Dr Kira Westaway.

Their results were published last month in “Dating rock art is very difficult,” says archaeologist Dr June Ross from the University of New England.

“That’s really exciting, because that was the time when sea levels stabilised,” adds Ross.

Carbon dating also failed, as the paintings didn’t contain any organic materials.Rock Art, as we use the term here, refers mostly to pictures or symbols left on rock surfaces by members of traditional cultures.Some rock art was created at least 10’s of thousands of years ago, some more recently.“But these Traditional Owners realised that to establish the significance of the art to the Western world, they need to establish how old it is,” she adds.Twenty members of the local Aboriginal community participated in the study.

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