Dating old photographs men quiz on radiometric dating

Discovering previously unknown family photos from generations ago is like uncovering genealogical gold.

If you spend enough time online interacting with distant cousins you discover on genealogy websites, you will undoubtedly eventually find someone who has amazing photos they are willing to share with you.

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In 1860, white was the choice color for most shirts and disposable collars and cuffs were worn and bow ties were popular for evening wear.

Learn what the different types of photos look like and when they were used.

You will have a much easier time identifying the time frame for a photo this way. However, with the right knowledge, you can turn guesswork into pretty accurate guessing, where you can be reasonably sure of who you are looking at in the photo.

The trousers were originally made of flannel and appeared in shades of biscuit, silver gray, fawn, lovat, blue gray, and pearl gray.

Traditionally patterned silk, formal, folded and fastened with a stickpin or tie tack.

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